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Soap loaves are our specialty! A few reasons to buy from us are:

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE! When you call or email you are speaking directly to me. I don't hold 8-5 hours! Email/Call/Text me any time. (I may not be able to answer right then but I WILL get back to you!) (If you text..let me know who you are :)

2. FRESHNESS! All of our soaps are made fresh as they are ordered. No sitting on a shelf for weeks or months.

3. EXPERIENCE! We have been in the business for 9 years! We have a huge return customer base!

4. SAFETY! We are a member of the Handcrafted Soapmaker & Cosmetic Guild. I follow safe practice guidelines set by the IFRA & HSCG when making products. We are insured.

5. TRULY HANDCRAFTED! Each loaf/layer is hand poured, the curls, embeds, layers etc are created by me. Yes, our soaps take a little bit of extra time but your customers will appreciate this! These soaps are not mass produced or made with industrial soaping equipment. Each is created by myself & cut by hand.

6. SELECTION! We have a a large variety of styles/scents to choose from. We hand cut our soap loaves so we are able to offer more bar sizes than most wholesalers.

7. LOW SHIPPING COSTS! - see SHIPPING on our policies page for details regarding our shipping rates.

8. CUSTOMER APPRECIATION! We take pride in our product. We appreciate all orders, large or small. Our customers are treated fairly, with respect, kindness and consideration.

9. QUALITY! Our products are made with the best ingredients available. Our soap loaves contain butters, oils, glycerin and/or milks. We use premium grade herbs & powders. Our soaps are colored with liquid oxide, micas or herb powders for natural colorant. Our soap base, fragrance oils, milk powders, salts etc are from trusted suppliers who specialize in soap making industry & are regulated. Our creamy based soaps are SLS free.

10. PRICE! We pride ourselves on providing a premium quality product at a fair price that your customers will love. I can honestly tell you that soap making is not "cheap" even if buying in bulk so if you are being offered products at an extremely low low price then you must ask yourself about the quality of the ingredients that are going into that product. We do not have coupon codes, you won't need them. We do run sales or specials from time to time so check back often to see what you might find.


**KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR - USE OUR SEARCH BOX** Enter a key word in the search box at the top left of the page to search our site for specific colors, product name, scent, price etc.

ITEMS ARE MADE FRESH - PLEASE ALLOW 4 TO 7 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING (not saying it will take this each time)

SHIPPING - USPS Flat Rate $10.85 or UPS $9.95(if you have a P.O. Box please choose USPS. (If your order is too large to fit in medium or large flat rate we may have to change to UPS or if you are ordering products that cannot be shipped via USPS such as liquids. Individually boxed loaves (we wrap them as we usually do and place them in a 10x4x4 box for longer storage)$6.95 & $1.50 per item.

International Shipping - we will ship internationally to certain countries. To inquire about ordering please email me We will need your shipping address and let us know what products you are interested in ordering. We cannot ship herbs or liquid products to some areas.

PAYMENT METHODS - PayPal, Credit Cards

WE DO ACCEPT CASHIER CHECK OR COMPANY CHECK FROM ESTABLISHED CUSTOMERS. To order with this method email your order to - Payment must be received within 5 business days of order date. We will ship once we receive payment and it has cleared our bank. (allow 1-10 days for bank to process)

We accept payment by phone - To order by phone email me your order and call me 256-452-5503 or leave your contact number. I will call you for payment (Visa, MC, Discover, AE) We will need Name on Card, Billing Zip, Card Number, Expiration Date & CVV #)

Our soaps are simply "soap" - We do not make any claims otherwise. Our bulk products have not been lab tested. We are not responsible for finished products you make using our products. Please practice safe handling when packaging items. Always make sure your packages, work area are sanitary! Do not re-use or refill old containers.

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